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Talent Concept


Talent is the most valuable asset of Debon. The door to Debang is open to all talents. The standard is: ability! The core of Debang's management model has shifted from traditional product management to capital management. The assets, assets, projects, positions, markets, equipment and other materialized capital are all moving around talents. The current Debang, not the talent to adapt to the company, but the company to select talent, thus the activation of human capital, and thus activate other capital elements. This kind of operation mechanism with human capital as the core will bring incalculable capital expansion and benefit growth to Debang.


In Debang, whether you are an ordinary worker or a general technician, no matter which position you are in, as long as you have the real ability to learn the real thing, you may become a talent for the company to reuse.


Debang’s dedication to all talents is such a broad mind: “Give you a space to let you play until you find that your talents are not enough.”


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