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President Speech


The Speech delivered by President

There is a story called phoenix nirvana.

Phoenix passing the test of fire and pain, gain new life.

Its plumage is more abundant, its sound is clearer, and its spirit is more pithy.

In the great historical revolution of "state ebb and private flow”,

the establishment of  joint venture Jiangsu Deppon Chemical Corporation,

like the phoenix nirvana, achieve a new sublimation in rebirth.

The new company will be adhering to the tenet of "dare to be first, strive for first-class”,

be brave of hardships and dangers, surpass oneself, improve oneself, and pursue excellence.

On the big platform of economic internationalization,

Deppon will show the new take-off,

becoming a growing and competitive company.

This is the common vision of all our staff.

Let's work for it and fight for it!



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