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Fine Phosphate
Sodium pyrophosphate (industrial grade)


Product related instructions:


1. Chemical name: anhydrous sodium pyrophosphate sodium pyrophosphate decahydrate


2, the molecular formula: Na4P2O7 Na4P2O7.10 H2O


3, the molecular weight: 265.90 446.06


4, the performance: anhydrous sodium pyrophosphate is white fine powder, sodium pyrophosphate decahydrate is white transparent or white needle crystal. It is easily soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol, and its aqueous solution is alkaline, forming a complex with alkaline earth metals. Anhydrous sodium pyrophosphate absorbs moisture in the air and deliquesces. Sodium pyrophosphate decahydrate is easily weathered in dry air.


5. Quality standard: HG/T2968 1999 Index name: anhydrous sodium pyrophosphate, decahydrate, sodium pyrophosphate, superior product, first-class product, qualified content (Na4P2O7), ≥% 97.5 96.5 95.5 - content (with Na4P2O7.10 H2O) ≥% - 98.0 Water insoluble matter, ≤% 0.20 0.10 PH value (10g/L solution) 9.9-10.7 9.9-10.7 The orthophosphate is tested by the test of sodium pyrophosphate D1 to perform HG / T2968 1999, the phosphorus pentoxide content is not less than 50% Iron (Fe) content is not more than 0.02% Sodium pyrophosphate D2 performs HG / T2968 1999, phosphorus pentoxide content is not less than 52%


6. Uses: anhydrous sodium pyrophosphate is mainly used as printing and dyeing bleaching aid, wool degreasing agent, electroplating liquid preparation, industrial detergent, fine bleaching aid for grass products and ink bleaching for paper industry, mainly sodium pyrophosphate decahydrate. Used as a toothpaste stabilizer. Seven, packaging: lined with polyethylene plastic bags, jacket composite plastic woven bags, each bag net weight 40kg. 8. Storage and transportation: It should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse. It should not be stacked in the open air. It should be protected from the sun and rain during transportation to avoid moisture. It should be handled lightly during loading and unloading to prevent the plastic bag from being damaged and stored separately from toxic substances.



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