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The secretary of the municipal party committee went to the fine company Donghai project investigatio
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On November 24, Town Secretary Xiang Xuelong went to Donghai County to investigate the fourth quarter and the construction of key projects. Wang Dongsheng, member of the standing committee of the municipal party committee, secretary general and minister of united front work, participated in the investigation with the accompany of County Secretary Zhu Guobing and county Magistrate Gao Meifeng.


During the investigation, they listened to Chairman Zhao Xianghai's report on the industrial distribution, project construction, management efficiency and plant relocation. Secretary Xiang proposed that DeBang should promote the spirit of entrepreneurship, actively promote the relocation of old factories, strive to achieve a completely new transformation, improve the strength of enterprises to a higher level, and be truly responsible for employees and society. At the same time, the relevant government departments were required to provide timely guidance and help for the relocation and reconstruction project of DeBang and to do a good job in service work.



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