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Mayor Fang Wei investigates the construction of Dolin Health Technology Co., Ltd.
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On the morning on March 8th, standing committee of the municipal party committee, the mayor Fang Wei with municipal party committee secretary general Han Shangfu, municipal development and reform commission, the city's bureau, the city natural resources and planning bureau, the city ecological environment bureau chief and donghai county leadership visited the factory of Jiangsu DeBang DuoLing health technology co., LTD, to supervise and inspect the promotion of key municipal projects and with group company chairman Zhao Xianghai cordial conversation.


After listening to the chairman’s report on the industrial distribution, project construction and operating efficiency and other related reports, Fang wei encouraged enterprises should have firm confidence in their development, set up lofty ambition, promote entrepreneurship and innovation, indomitable struggle, unremitting efforts, promote business to become bigger and stronger, strive for the early completion and production of projects, and make new contributions to local economic development.


He stressed that relevant departments in Donghai county should further strengthen their efforts to help enterprises, speed up the implementation of relevant procedures for enterprises, and promote the early completion and operation of relevant projects. At the same time, he also said that he would work hard to promote the listing and transfer of the old factory site in DeBang and provide support for the overall relocation project construction.


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