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Relevant department leaders inspect the company's safety production work
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On the morning of March 23, Yang Dongpo, member of the Standing Committee of Huainan municipal committee of the CPC and vice mayor of Huainan visited Debang company of Anhui province to inspect the work safety. Zhang Haitao, director of the management committee of the municipal economic and technological development zone, Li Baoyun, director of the municipal emergency management bureau. Mayor Yang and his party, accompanied by the company leadership, respectively in liquid ammonia storage tank and methanol tank farm field check the safe production status, require companies to draw seriously explosion accident lesson in Xiangshui county, Yancheng city, Jiangsu province Tianjiayi chemical co., LTD. "3•21". They are required to control security risks by thorough investigation and strict implement of the responsibility system for production safety, carrying out the safety warning education for all staff and doing the job in the safe production of chemical and hazardous chemicals. All in all, all kinds of accidents should be seriously prevented.


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